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The Heyman Law Firm is proud to represent business plaintiffs and defendants in a broad array of litigation matters. Mr. Heyman’s past handling of commercial litigation matters includes working with large institutional clients, family-run companies and emerging start-up businesses in a variety of industries including in the real estate, healthcare, technology and financial sectors. The business attorneys of the Heyman Law Firm can provide day-to-day legal guidance for businesses and litigate on behalf of commercial ventures to enforce or protect the company’s rights and bottom-line.

While our attorneys always strive to reduce the likelihood of intractable disagreements from occurring through careful planning and consideration of foreseeable circumstances, sometimes disputes cannot be worked out through negotiation, mediation or other forms of dispute resolution. In these cases, our attorneys Are prepared to fight strategically and aggressively to achieve your business and legal goals. To schedule a private legal consultation with an experienced commercial litigator based in Baltimore, call the Heyman Law Firm at 410-762-0140 or schedule an appointment online.

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Litigation Representation in an Array of Commercial Disputes

The attorneys at the Heyman Law Firm are strategic and meticulous business attorneys with practical experience handling many common commercial disputes. Our lawyers are proud to take a balanced approach to corporate litigation and can handle matters for both plaintiffs and defendants. This flexible approach is motivated by our lawyers’ commitment to seeking favorable results for clients and is supported by our attorneys’ valuable experience in all matters the firm accepts, including:

Breach of contract actions

Regardless of the type or form of contract at issue, businesses rely on the contracts they execute to guide their ventures and commercial endeavors. When one or more parties to a contract fails to perform, assumptions underlying your business can be upended leading to significant uncertainty and the potential for unexpected costs to be imposed onto your company. The lawyers of the Heyman Law Firm are able to quickly analyze the merits and risks of various courses of action, work with you to develop a strategy that works for your business, and aggressively implement that strategy using the latest litigation technology and trial techniques.

Estates & Trusts and fiduciary litigation

The founding attorney of the Heyman Law Firm previously handled fiduciary litigation for one of the twenty largest banks and continues to represent trustees, beneficiaries and family members in litigation involving trusts and the fiduciary obligations of trustees, caveat litigation over wills, and guardianships. Having been involved in numerous cases in which significant dollars, family relationships and family-run businesses are at stake, he has the experience and knowledge to help guide his clients achieve their goals – whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. All of the attorneys at the Heyman Law Firm are experienced in trusts and estates matters.

Shareholder & intra-corporate disputes

Shareholders, partners and LLC members may set out with a common plan, but goals and purposes can diverge as time passes, business models change and personalities conflict. Often, small businesses begun with a handshake, but complete trust often devolves into situations leading to complex and hard fought litigation. The attorneys of the Heyman Law Firm have the experience and skills to address these challenges for both majority and minority owners. Our business lawyers’ in-depth knowledge of the Maryland and Delaware securities laws and the rights and protections they provide has led to the successful resolution of numerous internal business disputes throughout the country.

Real estate and lease disputes

Developers, lenders and owners may think that they have reached an agreement on real estate lease or transaction, but the understanding may vary in the minds of the different parties and a dispute over the terms of a lease, transfer or other transaction may result. The attorneys of the Heyman Law Firm understand the need for quick action when appropriate, including the seeking of immediate injunctive relief, to protect valued assets and business interests.

Intellectual Property (IP) issues & trade secrets

Businesses invest significant sums in developing proprietary solutions, technologies and customer lists. Notwithstanding their execution of enforceable agreements, vendors, clients, and particularly former employees unfortunately at times attempt to use trade secret information for their own wrongful gain. When that happens, quick and decisive court action is necessary to protect your critical assets, prevent losses, and recover any damages that may have occurred.

Employment and non-compete agreements

Most, if not all, employment relationships begin with optimism regarding the employee’s role in the company. But changing needs, interpersonal issues, and other factors can sour this relationship. In some circumstances an employee may leave the company and attempt to improperly benefit by violating the terms of a non-compete agreement. In other circumstances an employer may inappropriately use a non-compete agreement as a sword rather than a shield for the business. The lawyers of the Heyman Law Firm have obtained numerous protective injunctions for their plaintiff clients against former employees violating their agreements. Our attorneys have also successfully fought on behalf of defendant former employees who are being wrongfully prevented from engaging in work by their former employers who have no basis to keep them from doing so. In either case, our attorneys know the law and will seek out the best tactics and strategy for the legal circumstances to meet your business goals.

Defamation, libel, & slander

False and malicious statements about an individual or business can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. While all businesses can be impacted by defamatory statements that appear online, in print or by word of mouth, consumer-facing businesses are often hurt the worst. The attorneys of the Heyman Law Firm believe in a fair balance between free speech rights and protecting businesses against malicious and defamatory remarks or writings.

The foregoing provides a brief overview of the more common areas of business litigation that the Heyman Law Firm can handle. Our attorneys can also address issues related to broker dealer and financial services litigation, insurance coverage disputes, securities litigation and other corporate and commercial concerns.

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The Heyman Law Firm Handles Business Litigation Matters in Baltimore and Across All of Maryland

At the Heyman Law Firm, our lawyers always take a strategic approach to all disputed or litigated matters. Our business attorneys understand that many businesses are seeking ways to obtain value from their legal budget, and always discusses budget issues while working with his clients to develop a winning legal strategy. Given the high costs and risks of litigation, the firm works to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution techniques when appropriate. However, our legal team also understands that certain issues including “bet the farm” matters are unlikely to be resolved without engaging in litigation because the issue is too important to leave unaddressed, room for a common understanding is insufficient or the opposing party or its counsel does not have a solid handle on the key issues in the case. In matters like these, our litigators pursue a strategic, methodical, well-planned and budgeted approach to the litigated matter. To schedule a confidential legal consultation call 410-762-0140 or contact the firm online today.